South West Wildlife Fundraising Limited (SWWFL) is a not-for-profit organisation that was set up by 8 Wildlife Trusts to help them to secure regular financial support through memberships.

SWWFL provides membership recruitment services for Avon, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire & Isle of Wight, Somerset, Wiltshire and Worcestershire Wildlife Trusts.

SWWFL recruits and manages teams of Membership Recruiters, who work at pre-booked venues such as supermarkets, county shows and events across the seven counties. Recruiters approach visitors to these venues and talk to them about their local Trust's valuable work with a view to securing a regular monthly donation by Direct Debit.

Recruiters are well supported by a strong back office team and work very closely with the Wildlife Trust they support and are considered to be an integral part of the Trusts' Membership teams.

SWWFL is a member of the Institute of Fundraising and works to very high standards of professional conduct.

Work for SWWFL

We have a great Team at SWWFL. Committed individuals of all ages and from a range of backgrounds who want to make a difference for wildlife and earn good money in the process.

Our recruiters enjoy a job that is flexible, meaningful and which is highly valued by the Wildlife Trusts they serve. We are always looking for recruiters to join our team – click the tab below to find out more.

"Having the support of a dedicated team, who also handle the arrangements regarding attending venues and events. Being valued, respected, trusted and appreciated in my role.
All my colleagues are great people - other recruiters and office staff
Jo, Membership Recruiter

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