Benefits to your business

  • Reflect your support for local wildlife, at a time of heightened environmental awareness.
  • Create a point of interest with local wildlife information for your visitors and customers.
  • Show your commitment to sustainability.
  • Complement your seasonal themes and marketing campaigns with a wildlife focus.

Hosting one of our stands occasionally through the year is a brilliant way to show your ethical values, that you care about and support the protection of the local environment at a time of heighted climate change awareness.

Our displays are inviting, interesting and full of engaging items that help to add another point of attraction on your site, and our representative will only chat to people who approach them, providing a friendly and helpful source of knowledge about Wildlife Trust reserves and activities to enjoy in the area.

We can also work with you to tailor our stand display to fit in with any environmental, wildlife or seasonal themes and bring additional activity sheets for families to have fun with.

Boost your

Boost your impact

Benefits to your business

Organisations partnering with our Wildlife Trusts can boost their impact at no extra cost by hosting a membership recruiter.

Southern Co-op, Your Co-op and Co-op have helped raise over £450k of membership income by having our information stands in/outside of local stores.

Wightlink hosted our eye-catching stand on board one of their ferries.

Taunton Leisure in Bedminster, Bristol adopted Avon Wildlife Trust as its Charity of the Year as well as hosting our membership stand in an engaging way for customers.

Hosting a local Wildlife Trust stand

We’d love to chat through the options with you: email Kat, our venues and operations manager or call 01392 420124 to speak to one of our venues team.