Nature and wildlife-themed days and weeks 

National and international theme days and weeks are a great way to promote the environment that our Wildlife Trusts protect. We attend related events and can create bespoke displays to help increase interest at venues. 

International Bat Weekend
24-25 August

  • In the UK, bat populations have declined considerably over the last century. Threats include building and development work that affects roosts, loss of habitat, the severing of commuting routes by roads and threats in the home including cat attacks, flypaper and some chemical treatments of building materials. Read more from the Bat Conservation Trust

Did you know?

  • There are 18 species of bat in the UK – the smallest is the pipistrelle which weighs as little as a 2p coin and can eat more than 500 insects in an hour!
  • Bats do not build nests but hang up or tuck themselves into cracks and crannies – here in the UK it could be trees, buildings or underground sites such as caves, bridges and disused tunnels

Download our PDF of info including how Wildlife Trusts help bats and which nature reserves they inhabit, how you can help bats and more bat facts!

Whale Shark Day 30 August

Roald Dahl Day 13 September

National Quiet Day 14 September

World Ozone Day 16 September 

Clean up the World Weekend 20-22 September

World Rivers Day 22 September


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