Bill's story

Bill is a membership recruiter on behalf of Herefordshire Wildlife Trust and loves using his passion for nature to inspire people to  become part of a bigger movement to protect local wildlife and wild places. 

Why did you want to become a membership recruiter?

I have always loved nature. I spent many years as a gillie/fishery manager on the River Wye so nature and wildlife was a big part of my job. Clients from the cities were always asking me about birds and insects. Being a membership recruiter is ideal because I can share my knowledge and passion with many people and also recruit like-minded people to give wildlife preservation a bigger voice.

What are the benefits for you personally?

As my personality is friendly and approachable, chatting to potential recruits is fairly easy for me. I like to engage with people on the subject of wildlife and the many ways in which we can make a difference to protecting, encouraging and sustaining our wildlife and natural environment.

What else do you enjoy about it?

I enjoy meeting lots of different people and locating to different places, also listening to people’s views which are sometimes different to mine! I also give and receive knowledge about local wildlife in the areas I’m recruiting. The best part for me is when I have successfully gained membership pledges and at the end of my day know that the Wildlife Trust has gained another person to help wildlife.

What have you learned?

If your passion and willingness is transferred to people they will respond in whatever way they can. If you reassure them that it is going to make a difference, people will respond to make that difference however large or small.

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