Rocco's story

“My passion for wildlife and my confidence has increased.”

Rocco is a membership fundraiser on behalf of Avon Wildlife Trust and finds the role has been brilliant for developing skills and confidence, as well as fitting around other interests and earning a good income. 

“I love this job as I get to visit amazing places like Avon Wildlife Trust nature reserve Prior’s Wood

“But the work is actually very simple: all I have to do is show up, set up and talk. It’s as easy as that. I know exactly where I need to be, on what days and what time, as my whole week is planned out for me, which makes it very easy. I can choose what days I work, which means I can pursue my other passions as well, such as football, boxing and seeing my friends and family. 

“Just because I’m working a few less days a week, that doesn’t mean I’m earning less, as the earning potential for this job is phenomenal. It still allows me to pay the bills and enjoy my spare time without stress. 

“Since I’ve been doing this job, I’ve noticed a few things significantly increase – like my passion for wildlife and my ability to talk. My speech has got so much better as well as my confidence. 

“These are just a few reasons of why I love this job, but I would highly recommend it for absolutely anyone – whether you’re a student looking for something on your time off to earn a bit of extra cash or whether you’re a bit older looking for a full-time job or even just a few days a week, I would absolutely, highly recommend it.”

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