What local Wildlife Trust CEOs say

"More people care about the future of wildlife than ever before. But we’ll only change things if people join organisations like the Wildlife Trusts. SWWFL is the engine that keeps our supporter base growing, turning that passion into genuine commitment. And with your help we’ll make the world a better, greener place for everyone.”​

Harry Barton, Devon Wildlife Trust

“SWWFL recruiters captivate and inspire audiences… who value what we do but don’t yet know who to thank for it and how to support us to achieve even more."

Adam Taylor, Gwent Wildlife Trust

“Joining SWWFL was an important move for Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust. Our strategy for creating a wilder future relies heavily on getting many more people to support nature’s recovery. The SWWFL team have been instrumental in finding people who share our concern about the worrying declines in our wildlife and who want to do their bit to help. By helping us grow membership and financial support, the SWWFL team are making a big difference to the Trust and the wildlife we all care about."

Debbie Tann, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

"SWWFL is Worcestershire Wildlife Trust's most important working partner. We really appreciate the professionalism and commitment that all SWWFL staff apply. This translates into consistently high levels of recruitment of new members, our largest and most important source of day to day income, volunteers and legacies which, in turn, underpin all of our work to conserve and promote wildlife and wild places.”

Colin Raven, Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

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Why our staff love what they do

"SWWFL recruiters inspire and captivate our audiences"

Read what local Wildlife Trust CEOs say about us