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Why I work for SWWFL

Our staff are integral to our success as we work together to achieve the best results for local Wildlife Trusts. Find out below what people think about their roles as fundraising membership recruiters, inspiring support to help local wildlife and working for us. 

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Quotes from our 2023 staff survey

I enjoy the variety, feeling that I am part of something bigger and important, the sense of community and being in touch with local conservation projects.

The cause is something I am very passionate about. Also, I get to travel around and meet interesting people.

The variety and range of venues and the flexibility to discuss dates and availability, as well as the friendliness of the people I have met so far.

Being part of a company owned by charities that I support and the lovely people I get to work with – everyone has a shared passion for wildlife which is a nice undercurrent across all staff.

The sense of common purpose; of achieving something meaningful for wildlife and the environment; working with some really capable and committed colleagues to make things happen.

I really enjoy the atmosphere in the office, the encouragement and support from my colleagues, the genuine warmth from people and the sense that we are all working for a worthy cause.

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